Fabricator Apprentice

Acres Engineering Limited


Closes in 7 days (Wednesday 31 July at 11:59pm)

Posted on 9 July 2024


This apprenticeship will be based mainly in the fabrication shop where you will learn how to fabricate items from engineered drawings. You will have the opportunity to experience other core areas of our workshop and learn skills in other departments to help you understand how materials are used.

Annual wage
£13,312 a year

Minimum wage rates (opens in new tab)

The pay may be negotiated and may rise after a probation period has been successfully completed.

Training course
Metal fabricator (level 3)
Monday to Friday, 7.00am - 3.30pm. May work evenings and weekends after apprenticeship is complete.

40 hours a week

Possible start date

Thursday 1 August


3 Years

Positions available



As an apprentice, you’ll work at a company and get hands-on experience. You’ll gain new skills and work alongside experienced staff.

What you’ll do at work

  • An apprenticeship allows you to earn a wage, gain valuable work experience and industry specific competence.
  • You will be expected to work towards the Metal Fabricator level 3 qualification, with support from your employer and the Chesterfield College Group.
  • Training schedule has yet to be agreed. Details will be made available at a later date.

Where you’ll work





DE73 8JB


An apprenticeship includes regular training with a college or other training organisation. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent training or studying.

College or training organisation


Your training course

Metal fabricator (level 3)

Equal to A level

Course contents
  • Work safely at all times, comply with health & safety legislation, regulations and organisational requirements.
  • Comply with environmental legislation, regulations and organisational requirements.
  • Obtain, check and use the appropriate documentation (such as job instructions, drawings, quality control documentation).
  • Carry out relevant planning and preparation activities before commencing work activity.
  • Undertake the work activity using the correct processes, procedures and equipment.
  • Carry out the required checks (such as quality, compliance or testing) using the correct procedures, processes and/or equipment.
  • Deal promptly and effectively with problems within the limits of their responsibility using approved diagnostic methods and techniques and report those which cannot be resolved to the appropriate personnel.
  • Complete any required documentation using the defined recording systems at the appropriate stages of the work activity.
  • Restore the work area on completion of the activity and where applicable return any resources and consumables to the appropriate location.
  • Identify and follow correct Metal work instructions, specifications, drawing etc.
  • Mark out using appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Cut and form Metal for the production or maintenance of fabricated products.
  • Produce and assemble Metal products to required specification and quality requirements.
  • Identify and follow correct joining instructions, specifications, drawing etc.
  • Carry out the relevant preparation before starting the joining fabrication activity.
  • Set up, check, adjust and use joining and related equipment.
  • Weld joints in accordance with approved welding procedures and quality requirements.
  • Your training plan

    This training plan has not been finalised. Check with this employer if you’ll need to travel to a college or training location for this apprenticeship.


    Essential qualifications

    GCSE or equivalent in:

    • English (grade 4)
    • Maths (grade 4)

    Let the company know about other relevant qualifications and industry experience you have. They can adjust the apprenticeship to reflect what you already know.


    • Communication skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Organisation skills
    • Customer care skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Number skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Logical
    • Team working
    • Creative
    • Initiative
    • Patience
    • Physical fitness

    Other requirements

    Travel due to location

    About this company

    SME in the heart of Melbourne Derbyshire. We make bespoke sheet metal fabrication solutions, creating production support equipment (trolleys, dollies, tool chests, work benches, safety platforms, etc) for larger companies such as: Rolls Royce, GE, McClaren, JLR, Siemens, Lotus etc. Everything we do is created in house, accounts, estimation, design, laser cutting, water jet cutting, press, fabrication, powder coat paint and assembly.

    http://www.acres.engineering (opens in new tab)

    After this apprenticeship

    • Full time position with company and opportunities to progress in to other roles.

    Ask a question

    The contact for this apprenticeship is:


    James Sayles



    The reference code for this apprenticeship is VAC1000263512.

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