Outdoor Instructor Apprenticeship


Hertfordshire, SG13 8NY

Closes in 18 days (Friday 9 August at 11:59pm)

Posted on 3 July 2024


Why not become an expert in outdoor adventure and join the L3 Outdoor Instructor Apprenticeship at Celtic Harmony Camp this Summer? It might just be the perfect next step for your personal development or career path to get you on the right track to achieve your goals and realise your potential. Duties include: assisting in leading educational activities and developing new initiatives for school trips, community group visits, families, and volunteers at Celtic Harmony Camp.

Annual wage
£11,648 a year

Minimum wage rates (opens in new tab)

The pay may be negotiated and may rise after a probation period has been successfully completed.

Training course
Outdoor activity instructor (level 3)
9:00 - 5:00 (TBC) On occasion you may be asked to support outside these hours when we are running residential visits. Time in lieu will be awarded on these occasions.

35 hours a week

Possible start date

Monday 2 September


1 Year 1 Month

Positions available



As an apprentice, you’ll work at a company and get hands-on experience. You’ll gain new skills and work alongside experienced staff.

What you’ll do at work

  • Level 3 Outdoor Activity Instructor with eligibility to become a Registered Member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning
  • Channel Training Bushcraft Personal Skills
  • ITC First Level 3 Outdoor First Aid
  • ITC First Level 3 Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Archery GB Instructor Award
  • Functional Skills in maths and English, if required.

Where you’ll work

Celtic Harmony Camp



SG13 8NY


An apprenticeship includes regular training with a college or other training organisation. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent training or studying.

College or training organisation


Your training course

Outdoor activity instructor (level 3)

Equal to A level

Course contents
  • Find information on: the activity type and timings; outcome requirements; participant age; medical information; equipment and resourcing allocation; venue; weather conditions.
  • Prepare sessions to achieve the required outcomesg. enjoyment, thrill seeking, personal or team challenges, acquisition of new knowledge or skills.
  • Select methods to meet all participant needs g. visual impairment, mental and physical ability.
  • Select methods to respond to potential changes in the environmentg. wind increasing in a sailing session or rain making conditions slippery underfoot.
  • Collect appropriate equipment and resources.
  • Ensure the venue is set-up and ready to be used.
  • Maintain self and group safety when delivering the session.
  • Deliver an effective session briefing with clear instruction and following organisational procedures.
  • Perform a competent demonstration of the skills required for the activity or subject at the appropriate level for the session.
  • Provide on-going instruction to encourage learning and progression.
  • Follow organisational operating procedures to adapt to changes in the environment. E.g. thunderstorm, a wind shift to offshore in a surfing session.
  • Select and implement organisational procedures to deal with routine problems.g. broken equipment.
  • Provide basic First Aid to respond to accidents in a safe, prompt and effective manner. e.g. injured participant.
  • Initiate organisational procedures to summon support in the case of incidents or accidents.
  • Use the organisations set approaches for learning delivery.
  • Support individual and group engagement and participation in the session g. energisers, sharing responsibilities, appropriate pace.
  • Change the pace of the session to match participants’ speed of learning.
  • Identify and support the individual participants’ needs g. give personal attention, active listening, allow additional time, encouragement.
  • Apply simple techniques to deal with conflict and challenging behaviour g. redirection, increasing responsibility.
  • Use simple review techniques to check the achievement of required outcomes e.g. thumbs up; rounds; memorable moments.
  • Signpost participants to progression routes.
  • Complete a session within time, including the restoration of the venue, return of equipment and resources and any logging or recording requirements.
  • Use participant feedback and own reflection to suggest improvements to sessions.
  • Communicate with customers and colleagues in a clear, concise and effective manner.
  • Handle information in a way that conforms to policy and protects data.
  • Assist with the development and preparation of resources and support colleagues delivering sessions
  • Actively encourage whole group participation and promote equality and diversity.
  • Undertake activities to further develop knowledge and personal skills.
  • Reflect on own performance and make refinements.
  • Your training plan

    This training plan has not been finalised. Check with this employer if you’ll need to travel to a college or training location for this apprenticeship.


    Desirable qualifications

    GCSE or equivalent in:

    • English (grade 5)
    • Maths (grade 5)

    Let the company know about other relevant qualifications and industry experience you have. They can adjust the apprenticeship to reflect what you already know.


    • Communication skills
    • Organisation skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Team working
    • Creative
    • Non judgemental
    • Patience
    • Interest in prehistory
    • Practical

    Other requirements

    The position does involve working outdoors in all weather throughout the year. We would ask candidates to confirm that they are able to reach our location prior to application.

    About this company

    Celtic Harmony is an award winning charity, providing hands-on cultural heritage education of ancient Britain to improve wellbeing and increase understanding of the natural world, creating a more sustainable way of life for future generations. Celtic Harmony provides a program of Prehistory experiences for schools and the local community, to encourage participation in healthy recreation and a greater understanding of ancient crafts from pottery to storytelling. Visitors experience first-hand how the people in Prehistory, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, made food, clothes and shelter from the natural environment, whilst protecting natural habitats by harvesting in the traditional way.

    https://celticharmony.org/ (opens in new tab)

    After this apprenticeship

    The position will provide a high volume of experience working with young people and may inspire the participant to consider further routes into education such as a PGCE or less formal forms of education.

    Participants will also develop a number of practical skills that would be suitable for working as an outdoor instructor, youth leader or summer camp leader.

    Ask a question

    The contact for this apprenticeship is:


    David Leigh-Ellis



    The reference code for this apprenticeship is VAC1000262467.

    Apply now

    Closes in 18 days (Friday 9 August at 11:59pm)

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