Apprentice Workplace Strategy Coach



Closes in 9 days (Wednesday 31 July at 11:59pm)

Posted on 11 July 2024


Genius Within is looking for engaging, empathetic and motivated individuals to join our apprenticeship program and to support existing roles to deliver neurodiversity specialist coaching services. The apprenticeship will teach you how to empower and engage with individuals and organisations to build their self-belief and enhance performance.

Annual wage
£23,000 a year

Minimum wage rates (opens in new tab)

The pay may be negotiated and may rise after a probation period has been successfully completed.

Training course
Coaching professional (level 5)
Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:50.

37 hours a week

Possible start date

Monday 2 September


1 Year 2 Months

Positions available



As an apprentice, you’ll work at a company and get hands-on experience. You’ll gain new skills and work alongside experienced staff.

What you’ll do at work

Coaching Professional Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard:

All training will take place on site and within your working hours Ixion Holdings will complete functional skills where necessary and will ensure Health & Safety, British Values and Equality & Diversity is embedded throughout the course.
Functional skills in maths and English (if required).

Where you’ll work







An apprenticeship includes regular training with a college or other training organisation. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent training or studying.

College or training organisation


Your training course

Coaching professional (level 5)

Equal to higher national diploma (HND)

Course contents
  • Time management, including scheduling coaching sessions, and self-leadership to resolve conflicting priorities and ensure sufficient time for record keeping and other role activities
  • Working with those receiving coaching to set clear goals, including visualisation techniques, setting timescales, validating their achievability, recording outcome-focused, prioritised action plans and monitoring progress towards goals
  • Communication, including (but not limited to) descriptions of the coaching process and roles and responsibilities (including those related to boundaries and confidentiality), and the benefits of coaching in relation to the context of those receiving coaching
  • Contracting with all relevant stakeholders, including logistics, preferences of the coach and those receiving coaching, considerations of the system within which the coaching relationship sits, goal setting, outcome realisation and contract conclusion. This includes holding oneself to high ethical standards, particularly in the areas of confidentiality (including when maintaining coaching records) and management of boundaries (including their own competence and values, relevant codes of ethics, and relevant legislation, policies and procedures)
  • Stakeholder management, including a range of challenging and senior people, and focus on their agenda and outcomes throughout
  • Rapport/trust building and maintenance, including recognition of the personal values, emotional state(s) and response of those receiving coaching, validating their understanding of themselves and their circumstances, dealing with difficult coaching relationships and ensuring non-dependence on the coach
  • Deliver feedback in a style that is useful, acceptable, non-judgmental and meaningful to those receiving coaching
  • Identification of patterns of thinking and limiting/enabling beliefs and actions
  • Questioning techniques to raise the self-awareness of those receiving coaching, including asking open questions, broaching challenging subject areas (e.g. emotional state, characteristics of wider systems) and questioning untrue, limiting assumptions
  • Uses several established tools and techniques to develop their own coherent model of coaching to help those receiving coaching work towards outcomes. Uses models and approaches from the context of those receiving coaching
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence, including demonstrating empathy and genuine support for those receiving coaching ("unconditional positive regard"), and adapting language and behaviour in response to the whole person of those receiving coaching
  • Applies coaching theories, models and tools, techniques and ideas beyond the core communication skills in order to bring about insight and learning
  • Identifies energy shifts within a coaching context, enabling these to be aired and addressed and managed
  • Manages and celebrates diversity in their coaching practice, including demonstrating how diversity and inclusion informs their professional practice
  • Demonstrates awareness of own values, beliefs and behaviours; recognises how these affect their practice and uses this self-awareness to manage their effectiveness in meeting the objectives of those receiving coaching and, where relevant, the sponsor
  • Your training plan

    This training plan has not been finalised. Check with this employer if you’ll need to travel to a college or training location for this apprenticeship.


    Essential qualifications

    GCSE or equivalent in:

    • English (grade 4/C or above)
    • Maths (grade 4/C or above)

    Let the company know about other relevant qualifications and industry experience you have. They can adjust the apprenticeship to reflect what you already know.


    • Communication skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Organisation skills
    • Customer care skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Administrative skills
    • Team working
    • Initiative
    • Non judgemental
    • Patience

    Other requirements

    This is a remote role and subject to an enhanced DBS check.

    About this company

    At Genius Within we stand proudly at the intersection of lived experience and expertise. As both a neurodivergent led and owned business, and by being experts in our field, we have made it our life’s work to help neurodistinct individuals access their inner genius and be at their best at work. Our team of highly qualified Occupational Psychologists, workplace coaches and HR experts understand what works, not only because 68% of us are neurodivergent/disabled ourselves, but also from decades of research and experience with clients. Our evidence based approach and consistent results have made us leaders in our industry. Whether you are an individual, or organisation of any size, we can provide specialist support. (opens in new tab)

    Disability Confident

    Disability Confident

    A fair proportion of interviews for this apprenticeship will be offered to applicants with a disability or long-term health condition. This includes non-visible disabilities and conditions.

    You can choose to be considered for an interview under the Disability Confident scheme. You’ll need to meet the essential requirements to be considered for an interview.

    After this apprenticeship

    Upon successful completion of your Level 5 Coaching Apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to enter the Genius Academy, where we support coaches and psychologist in their development, progressing through Assistant Coach/Psychologist, to Coach/Psychologist In-training and finally, Coach/Psychologist Practitioner roles.

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    Genius Within HR Team

    The reference code for this apprenticeship is VAC1000261970.

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