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Brighouse, HD6 1LT

Closes in 6 days (Sunday 28 July at 11:59pm)

Posted on 25 June 2024


We are offering the opportunity to complete a Personal Training apprenticeship in one of the most highly rated gyms in the area. You will learn from some of the best Personal Trainers in the country who have proven success in the industry. Our ethos is to deliver a high quality service that stands out from other gyms. This makes our brand unique.

Annual wage
£9,984 a year

Minimum wage rates (opens in new tab)

The pay may be negotiated and may rise after a probation period has been successfully completed.

Training course
Personal trainer (level 3)
Shift work TBC. Anytime between 6am-10pm weekdays. Saturdays within 7am-6pm. Sunday work potentially 10-4pm. Rota dependant.

30 hours a week

Possible start date

Monday 29 July


1 Year 3 Months

Positions available



As an apprentice, you’ll work at a company and get hands-on experience. You’ll gain new skills and work alongside experienced staff.

What you’ll do at work

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Apprenticeship standard
  • Training will be completed on site with a mixture of on the job and off the job learning

Where you’ll work

Ironside Fitness

Foundry Street




An apprenticeship includes regular training with a college or other training organisation. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent training or studying.

College or training organisation


Your training course

Personal trainer (level 3)

Equal to A level

Course contents
  • Ability to apply appropriate methods and techniques to facilitate clients’ desired physiological goals.
  • Assess clients’ readiness to change behaviour and apply effective change strategies, communication techniques and motivation to facilitate healthy behaviours that move them towards their goals and promote programme adherence.
  • Implement a range of theories relating to client motivation and behaviour change.
  • Identify commonly occurring conditions and provide information, advice and support to clients where required.
  • Promote wellness advice and demonstrate an understanding of how modern lifestyles impact upon the health and wellbeing of the client, providing signposting to appropriate professionals where relevant.
  • Design, tailor and coach an effective exercise programme, using appropriate equipment. Continuously monitor and review the effectiveness of the exercise programme to ensure it is engaging, varied and progressive to clients’ needs and goals, whilst following the principles of training and exercise science.
  • Develop and deliver exercise sessions in environments other than the gym to individuals and small groups. Review and evaluate the effectiveness of these exercise programmes and amend accordingly.
  • Correctly demonstrate a wide range of exercise techniques, carry out reviews and advise clients on their performance and apply suitable adaptations for those at different levels of fitness.
  • Analyse clients’ performance and apply suitable adaptations, regressions, progressions and corrective strategies to ensure continued success.
  • Analyse client’s dietary habits and identify areas for improvement.
  • Apply nutritional principles when developing exercise and lifestyle programmes for clients.
  • Ensure the use of appropriate IT systems to support and manage all aspects of a personal training business such as record keeping, sales and invoicing, client and group management, class scheduling, retention levels and session reminders.
  • Manage the effectiveness of a client’s exercise programme through the use of appropriate available systems.
  • Use appropriate products to support and manage clients effectively. Present, analyse and interpret data and information in line with professional practice.
  • Provide a high standard, client focused service through excellence in the fitness environment and application of best practice such as injury prevention and risk management.
  • Demonstrate tact and discretion when handing client data, adhering to relevant legislation
  • Ability to effectively communicate with clients using a range of techniques.
  • Be able to interpret and evaluate communication and adapt own communication styles in order to encourage and motivate clients to achieve their goals.
  • Ability to implement and adapt strategies to successfully gain and retain clients, ensuring the development and sustainability of the client base.
  • Plan and regularly review business performance in order to meet business goals and targets whilst identifying areas for improvement.
  • Implement a variety of effective marketing strategies to engage prospective clients.
  • Ability to promote and sell products and personal training services.
  • Your training plan

    This training plan has not been finalised. Check with this employer if you’ll need to travel to a college or training location for this apprenticeship.


    Desirable qualifications

    Other in:

    • Non Required (grade n/a)

    Let the company know about other relevant qualifications and industry experience you have. They can adjust the apprenticeship to reflect what you already know.


    • Organisation skills
    • Customer care skills
    • Administrative skills
    • Team working
    • Initiative
    • Non judgemental
    • Patience

    Other requirements

    The vacancy will also involve assistance in social media marketing and gym sales

    About this company

    Ironside Fitness has been open since 2019. The owners have vast experience and success in the industry and have created the gym based on high standards to deliver the best service possible in the industry. Ironside Fitness is a members gym where dedicated PT's can thrive. Ironside also delivers quality members classes and the highly rated Ironside Transform programme. (opens in new tab)

    After this apprenticeship

    • Full time freelance Personal Trainer
    • Salaried gym staff member
    • Class instructor 

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    The contact for this apprenticeship is:


    Rob Welbourne


    The reference code for this apprenticeship is VAC1000260473.

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