Health and social care Level 3 Apprenticeship


Elm Park- Hornchurch, RM12 4EH

Closes tomorrow (Monday 22 July at 11:59pm)

Posted on 10 June 2024


You will be working alongside a senior carer to support our clients in the comforts of their homes. This is an opportunity to work and be learning, and support will be given to you while learning and working with us. You must be flexible and ready to complete your apprenticeship training.

Annual wage
£9,984 a year

Minimum wage rates (opens in new tab)

The pay may be negotiated and may rise after a probation period has been successfully completed.

Training course
Lead adult care worker (level 3)
Flexible hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 3pm.

30 hours a week

Possible start date

Monday 5 August


1 Year 6 Months

Positions available



As an apprentice, you’ll work at a company and get hands-on experience. You’ll gain new skills and work alongside experienced staff.

What you’ll do at work

You will go through an apprenticeship on a health and social care course, and you will achieve Diploma Level 3 in health and social care. 

Individuals without level 2 in English and maths will be booked to achieve it together with their HSC Level 3 during their 12-month course.

Blended on/off the job training and location to be confirmed.

Also, you will need to complete your end-point assessment with the assessor before starting the course.

Where you’ll work

Construction House

1 Broadway Parade

Elm Park Avenue

Elm Park- Hornchurch

RM12 4EH


An apprenticeship includes regular training with a college or other training organisation. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent training or studying.

College or training organisation


Your training course

Lead adult care worker (level 3)

Equal to A level

Course contents
  • Support individuals they are working with according to their personal care/support plan
  • Take the initiative when working outside normal duties and responsibilities
  • Recognise and access help when not confident or skilled in any aspect of the role that they are undertaking
  • Implement/facilitate the specialist assessment of social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals with cognitive, sensory and physical impairments
  • Contribute to the development and ongoing review of care/support plans for the individuals they support
  • Provide individuals with information to enable them to exercise choice on how they are supported
  • Encourage individuals to actively participate in the way their care and support is delivered
  • Ensure that individuals know what they are agreeing to regarding the way in which they are supported
  • Lead and support colleagues to understand how to establish informed consent when providing care and support
  • Guide, mentor and contribute to the development of colleagues in the execution of their duties and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate dignity in their working role with individuals they support, their families, carers and other professionals
  • Support others to understand the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in social care
  • Exhibit empathy for individuals they support, i.e. understanding and compassion
  • Exhibit courage in supporting individuals in ways that may challenge their own cultural and belief systems
  • Demonstrate and promote to other workers excellent communication skills including confirmation of understanding to individuals, their families, carers and professionals
  • Use and facilitate methods of communication preferred by the individual they support according to the individual’s language, cultural and sensory needs, wishes and preferences
  • Take the initiative and reduce environmental barriers to communication
  • Demonstrate and ensure that records and reports are written clearly and concisely
  • Lead and support others to keep information safe, preserve confidentiality in accordance with agreed ways of working
  • Support others, to recognise and respond to potential signs of abuse according to agreed ways of working
  • Work in partnership with external agencies to respond to concerns of abuse
  • Lead and support others to address conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between an individual’s rights and duty of care
  • Recognise, report, respond to and record unsafe practices and encourage others to do so
  • Lead and mentor others where appropriate to promote the wellbeing of the individuals they support
  • Demonstrate the management of the reduction of infection, including use of best practice in hand hygiene
  • Promote healthy eating and wellbeing by supporting individuals to have access to fluids, food and nutrition
  • Carry out fire safety procedures and manage others to do so
  • Develop risk assessments and use in a person centred way to support individuals safely including moving and assisting people and objects
  • Manage, monitor, report and respond to changes in the health and wellbeing of the individuals they support
  • Take the initiative to identify and form professional relationships with other people and organisations
  • Demonstrate, manage and support self and others to work within safe, clear professional boundaries
  • Take the initiative to evaluate and improve own skills and knowledge through reflective practice, supervision, feedback and learning opportunities
  • Demonstrate continuous professional development
  • Carry out research relevant to individuals’ support needs and share with others
  • Demonstrate where necessary mentoring and supervision to others in the workplace
  • Demonstrate good team/partnership working skills
  • Demonstrate their contribution to robust recruitment and induction processes
  • Your training plan

    This training plan has not been finalised. Check with this employer if you’ll need to travel to a college or training location for this apprenticeship.


    Desirable qualifications

    NVQ or SVQ Level 1 or equivalent in:

    • Health and social care (grade 1)

    Let the company know about other relevant qualifications and industry experience you have. They can adjust the apprenticeship to reflect what you already know.


    • Communication skills
    • IT skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Organisation skills
    • Administrative skills
    • Team working

    About this company

    We are care domiciliary and recruitment agency, we are supporting clients at the comforts of their homes. We ensure we provide person centred approach services that meet the needs of our clients. To work with us you must show empathy to our clients with respect and dignity. We take pride in satisfying our clients and ensure they are satisfied at all times. (opens in new tab)

    After this apprenticeship

    You will be able to progress to leadership and management in healthcare Level 5 Apprenticeship, which will allow you to become a deputy manager or care manager.

    Ask a question

    The contact for this apprenticeship is:


    Funmi Ade

    The reference code for this apprenticeship is VAC1000256706.

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